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Timber is an extremely versatile and affordable material that has exceptional aesthetic qualities and being a natural material it goes hand in hand with sustainability aspirations, these benefits come with a few caveats. If you use the timber incorrectly or fail to apply protection appropriately the life of your timber will be compromised, such factors have led to the misconception that timber should not be utilised as an external cladding material.

We utilise industry leading products that protect your timber from insect and fungal attack thus prolonging the appearance and structural integrity of the timber used in the external environment.High pressure copper based solutions produced and manufactured by Wolman (Part of the SIKA construction products family) are used to impregnate the softwood timber structures that ensure compliance with WPA regulations and recommendation.

User Classification

  • UC 1 and 2 for internal installations for Plywood or particulate boards – LOW PRESSURE procedure
  • UC3 – Decking and fencing and above ground play equipment
  • UC 4 – Fence post and joist structures that are either close to or in contact with the ground

All our treatment processes come with a `declaration of performance` and the relevant 15yr warranty commitment.

Why choose us?

Milling and Sawing

  • Bespoke milling for specialist joinery components
  • High speed moulders to provide large value solutions cladding framing
  • 10,000m3 on site storage
  • 3000m3 monthly production capabilities
  • Sawing, X-cutting and machining


  • Double vac High Pressure
  • User class 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Green)
  • Stringent externally managed testing and quality control
  • Machine and treat or treatment standalone
  • Experts in the treatment of softwood components
  • Use of extracted softened ground water

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